You should do quite a bit of homework before you decide who you will choose to trust with your financial well-being. The following links are provided to help you with your search.

The following website will tell you if your advisor has a State of Florida Insurance license. Unfortunately, the State of Florida will not show any complaints or lawsuits filed against a licensed individual. It will, however, show the date that the agent was licensed, and the companies that the agent is allowed to represent.

WARNING: A State of Florida license permits the agent to sell only FIXED ANNUITIES and LIFE INSURANCE.


The next website will help you find out if your advisor is licensed as a Registered Representative with FINRA, and able to give financial advice. More importantly, it will give you employment history, licenses, and disclose any complaints, lawsuits, settlements, or felonies committed by the individual.


The last link will tell you if the advisor is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. The CFP® certification has become the recognized standard of excellence for personal financial planning. Consumers increasingly seek out professional financial planners who have invested the time and dedication to achieve the CFP® certification. Attaining CFP® certification is a highly respected professional achievement for those who work within the financial services industry and achievement with meaningful benefits for a CFP® certificant’s practice and clients.


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